1950s – Mr Tay Yeow Leng, 郑友亮 founded the business of Teck Hin Undertaker in Singapore shortly after arriving from Kit Yang , China. Teck Hin Undertaker started off with basic coffin trading business at Upper Pickering Street catered solely to the Teochew Community.

1960s – To increase the value of the Teochew community, Teck Hin Undertaker expands to also providing funeral services.

1970s – After the departure of Mr Tay Yeow Leng, the family business was then handover to the only son Mr Tay Kong Seah, 郑坤成- a.k.a 亚弟. Due to expansion, Teck Hin Undertaker also shifted to a larger location at River Valley.

1980s – Due the acquisition of the land by the government, Teck Hin Undertaker has to shift to its current location at Jalan Pinang. The business was then handover to the current owner Mr Tay Soon Pheng, 郑顺平.As Singapore is a multi-racial society, Mr Tay Soon Pheng decides to expand its services outside the Teochew community. This also includes the acquisition of another funeral parlour in Sing Ming road.

Present – Over these years, Mr Tay Soon Pheng is actively involved in the Teochew Association and Grassroots activities. Due to his commitment to the Grassroots activities, he is awarded the Public Service Medal (Pingat Bakti Masyarakat) in 2006. Mr Tay Soon Pheng also held various committee positions in the Teochew Associations. He also held the position of Vice Chairman in Seu Teck Sean Tong Bedok.

Together with his family, Teck Hin Undertaker continues to provide one-stop funeral arrangement and services to the people in Singapore.